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Rigging + Tech Anim Reel

Animation Reel


Ben Meyer is a dedicated artist based in New York, specializing in various forms of visual storytelling. With a focus on 3D Animation, Rigging, and Tech Anim. Ben has had the privilege of contributing his skills to captivating projects at renowned advertising studios in and around the city.

Beyond his professional commitments, Ben channels his creative energy into original content creation, sharing his work under the online persona "doctorsteen." Infused with a genuine passion for making people laugh, his creations hopefully bring a sense of joy to audiences around the world.

In addition to his expertise in animation and rigging, Ben harbors a deep admiration for the art of voice acting. Through his expressive vocal range and heartfelt delivery, he strives to breathe life into animated characters, infusing them with depth and personality.

Motivated by his love for eliciting laughter and his unwavering commitment to growth, Ben continues to hone his craft and attempt to captivate audiences with his unique blend of talents.


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