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MIDAS - Animated Short Film

I play Midas in this animated short I directed.

SNRIENDSHIP - 48 Hour Animated Film

One snail risks it all for the sake of snail friendship….. Snriendship. "Snriendship" was completed by team "Curly Crew" as apart of the School of Visual Art’s 2020 48 hour film challenge with the theme of the challenge being “friendship”. I am the voice of the yellow snail.

The Doughboy

The debut of my voice acting!! I play the titular character, the Pillsbury Doughboy, as well as his transformed self - the DoughMan.

Mario & Luigi's Drunk Driving PSA

A fun PSA video showcasing the dangers of driving while intoxicated. I voice both Mario and Luigi in this one.

The Crew: Coffee

I voice all of the characters in this self-produced cartoon.

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